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Practice Communicating with Ladies Of Different Cultures  

Below are a current list of ladies from different cultures and races around the world. These women have agreed to dedicated their time to help you, please be respectful.  

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Why do you need to improve your female communication skills? 

As a man, I've come to realize that talking to women is not as easy as it seems, it's like trying to understand a foreign language without a translator. But joking aside, it's important for us men to learn how to communicate with the fairer sex and if we can't communicate with them, we're missing out on a lot of great opportunities in life. Practicing this skill before entering into the real world can drastically improve your prospects to finding the right woman for you or in the very least, understand and learn a new skill.

If you are recently divorced 

If you have not dated women before

Get nervous around women

have problem with online dating

If you have trust and Intimacy issues

Learn to converse after you say "HI"


Experience have shown this Older Man, that, "regardless of your looks, if you can't hold a conversation with a woman, you are doomed, you will never get to stage two in your dating game, if you don't have good verbal skills (lyrics), not rich or good looking, you might as well stay your ass home with your video games or dog". 

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